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When you hurt yourself, and your gasps of pain make it sound like you are having an orgasm.
God, Ross, I know you burned your finger, but you don't need to have a soregasm
by FGZstar November 18, 2010
Invented by the artist Peaches, a soregasm appears to refer to the feeling you get having an orgasm after having way too much rough sex. It hurts, but is still groovy.
Hurts so good I got a soregasm.

Lee fucked me so hard I totally had a soregasm.
by Hguh the Liquor Psycho December 27, 2006
when it hurts so good.
ouch! ohhhhhh yeah. that wasn't just a gasm, it was a soregasm.
by givemeone July 19, 2006
An orgasm so intense that the person starts to feel sore afterward, usually lasting a respectable period of time.
"So, how was Ashley?"
"Crazy. I'm still recovering from that soregasm."
by Deirkheim April 14, 2009