when it hurts so good.
ouch! ohhhhhh yeah. that wasn't just a gasm, it was a soregasm.
by givemeone July 19, 2006
Top Definition
Invented by the artist Peaches, a soregasm appears to refer to the feeling you get having an orgasm after having way too much rough sex. It hurts, but is still groovy.
Hurts so good I got a soregasm.

Lee fucked me so hard I totally had a soregasm.
by Hguh the Liquor Psycho December 27, 2006
An orgasm so intense that the person starts to feel sore afterward, usually lasting a respectable period of time.
"So, how was Ashley?"
"Crazy. I'm still recovering from that soregasm."
by Deirkheim April 14, 2009
When you hurt yourself, and your gasps of pain make it sound like you are having an orgasm.
God, Ross, I know you burned your finger, but you don't need to have a soregasm
by FGZstar November 18, 2010
When one has some 'fun', yet it hurts to do it, either in your mind, or if you are doing it dry...if you know what i mean...
'Oh, i hurt so much last night'
'a soregasm?'
by Wafflesaur June 29, 2016
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