The main character in the surprisingly popular video game Kingdom Hearts. Sora is a teenage boy who wields the Keyblade, a weapon that can defeat enemies and seal keyholes. He lives on the Destiny Islands with his best friend Riku and Kairi who he secretly has the hots for. Sora is the one who will open the door.
Sora: Kairi... I think... I love you!
Kairi: I love you too!
(both are on top of each other panting heavily )
by Laqueefa April 18, 2005
(NOUN) A cute Asian girl that looks much younger then she truly is wearing short skirts/shorts. Usually quiet/shy. Laughs at any joke and uses her misleading looks as a tool of seduction. Although she does naughty things, she often refers to herself as "innocent". Makes an amazingly supportive girlfriend though.
Guy 1: "Damn when did middle school girls start getting tongue rings and hanging out with college guys? ... shes been flirting with me all night."
Guy 2: "Bro thats a sora, shes older then you, she just looks mad young."
Guy 1: "Oh word? In that case.. she could get it."
by maddamon February 04, 2010
The name Sora is a beautiful name. The Japanese word for sky, air or heaven and in Native American culture, a chirping songbird. This may explain why some Sora's can be considered birdface's (of the beautiful variety.)

Sora is in fact a unisex name even though it may sound feminine to people who aren't Japanese. There are multiple variations on the name such as Sorano, which is much more female orientated. However, in the Native American culture, Sora has always been solely female.

Sora can be used as a nickname for Sarah, Saoirse, Soraya, Sorcha, Sorina and many more.

Sora's as people are generally heroes, friends and sexy pieces of ass. Sora's are always cool, always unique, intelligent and express themselves accordingly. Alongside of being amazingly hot, they are incredibly fun to be around and are liked by nearly everyone. It's not uncommon for Sora's to be impossible to ask out.

If you know a Sora, then it is likely you suffer from a disease called TSE (The Sora Effect). Symptoms of the condition include but are not limited to:

- Increased happiness
- Have your day made on a frequent basis
- More friends
- Charisma
- Inside jokes
- Conversational skills
- Picking up strange new hobbies
- Knowledge on random topics
- Social skills
Not that pansy from Kingdom Hearts, he is not a true Sora.
by Sora Birdface August 09, 2009
SORAS = Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome
"Jack's little girl is SORASed next season and is suddenly Mike's lover."
by nushh April 10, 2006
known as a korean name (소라). Meaning sunlight, seashell and in japanese sky. sweet and confident
look at her! She's so sora.
by koreabsr January 12, 2015
Main protagonist for the RPG series, Kingdom Hearts. Quite naive. Best friends with Riku and Kairi. Somebody of Roxas. Savior of the worlds. Keyblade wielder. The one who will open the door. Also means "sky" in Japanese.
Riku: Sora you're such an idiot.
by That Hockey Kid September 27, 2014

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