SORAS = Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome
"Jack's little girl is SORASed next season and is suddenly Mike's lover."
by nushh April 10, 2006
Top Definition
The main character of the greatest game on earth- Kingdom Hearts. However, compared to Riku, Sora can be very naive at times.
Riku: Sora, truth is, I have always been kinda...jealous of you..

Sora: What for? O.o?

Riku: (OMFG you retard, take a friggin guess...I mean, I get taken over by Ansem, manipulated by Maleficant, I had to TURN into Ansem just to save your sorry ass, while you are enjoying your beauty sleep. I NEVER EVEN RESTED AFTER OUR ISLAND GOT BLOWN UP!! Oh, and to top it off, Kairi loves YOU - NOT ME, you fucktard...can't you even take a hint?") ... I'm glad to have a friend like you...

Sora: ...same here...
by Guruji April 30, 2006
1. the leading character in Kingdom Hearts
2. the one who will open the door to the light
1. the leading charecter in Kingdom Hearts
2. the one who will open the door to the light
by michael Wallin December 20, 2003
Also japanese for sky.
ORANGE no SLIDE utsusu sora ~ Ride on shooting star from FLCL
by SHUTTATRAP! August 25, 2003
1. The main character of the game series 'Kingdom Hearts'. His two best friends are Kairi and Riku, both of whom are potential love interests. Where, in the first game, Kairi is a bit of a Mary-Sue, she does redeem herself in the second game, and there has always been evidence of Sora liking her. HOWEVER. Many people who are haters of the guy/guy thing are reluctant to look at the evidence that is: when they all meet up in the second game.
Kairi: *hugs Sora when she sees him*

Sora's reaction? Basically, 'Oh, it's you... you're safe...'

Sora sees Riku.


Point proven.
by Anana November 29, 2007
A total hottie from Kingdom Hearts 2. he's the keyblade master and is friends with Riku and Kairi many people thinks he likes Riku and they have some sort of relationship going on and nobody would blame him if it was true since Kairi's a bitch, and Sora only likes her because she's pretty.
Sora: Sorry... *awkwardly hugs Kairi then sees Riku*
Sora: *crying*Riku!
by QT28 October 08, 2006
The main protagonist of a popular video game "Kingdom Hearts"
he is often shown as naive but strong hearted, and helps to thwart the darkness on several of his adventures.
he is the chosen keybearer.
his best friends are Riku and Kairi.
in the first game, it is hinted that Sora has a crush on Kairi, but in the sequel, Sora seems to almost be less interested in Kairi, and more interested in Riku.
Sora: Kairi! -hugs- I've finally found you.

Kairi: and Riku's here too!

Sora: what? -sees Riku-
Sora: RIKU! -falls to his knees crying and embraces Riku-

but seriously people, just look at the evidence.
by Hotpan April 03, 2008
1. The bearer of the crest of love in digimon adventure, who has been the subject of many a coupling war and bashed relentlessly by those who would pair Taichi with Yamato(AKA Sora Takenouchi)
2. The star of Kingdom Hearts, who I don't know much about
3. A twin blade in .hack//SIGN known for his annoying voice, who often acts as an information source for BT
Taiora and Sorato are overrated, Takeru is the logical one to pair Sora with, support Sokeru!(Sorry about the heavy partisanship.)
by birdboy2000 February 10, 2004
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