Girls who are sophomores in college or high school with a slightly crazy reputation.

See also: FRESHmen Junwhores and Peniors
Did you see all the sophwhores at the party last night?
by whoa_its_soph March 11, 2011
Top Definition
(n.)someone who is a sophmore in highschool and has been ridden more times than the average bicycle. A sophwhore has a tendency to be named meg but this is not always true.
"Dude she's a sophwhore, my mother could get hit that if she wanted to"
by dino mattz October 08, 2006
A sophmore whose sluttiness ultimately makes her a sophwhore.

1)Someones who makes out with a whole bunch of girls and guys in a hottub while drunk.
2) Girls who are an easy catch of vagina for the older juniors and seniors.
Did you hear what ali, melanie, and michele did last night? They are such sophwhores.
by skeezyfasheezynaggers September 30, 2006
n., Someone who turns into a whore during sophmore year.

adj., sophwhoric
Looking to change her innocent reputation, Sara turned into a sophwhore.
by ki February 24, 2005
A sophomore who is a whore.
-did you see that 10th grader flirting with that senior guy?

-yeah totes. she's a sophwhore.
by kelski12 March 02, 2011
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