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A mix between someone who is sophisticated and an avocado (as defined by Day9).
That man is sophisticated and fat. However, he is the good kind of fat. Therefore, he is a sophisticado.
by atomicmonkey November 11, 2010
1. A mentally bright individual who likes well designed and crafted objects, intelligent conversation, has ecclectic tastes in music, art, literature, food and beverages. A sophisticado also appreciates the simple things like illustrating or eating an avocado with sea salt, freshly ground pepper, with slashes of freshly-squeezed lemon juice, soy sauce and rice vinegar.
2. a psuedo-intellectual or idiot savant from California, the Southwest, Mexico or Latin America.

3. An interesting, intelligent person who speaks Spanish.

4. An avocado with intricate, subtle flavors
"He was a true sophisticado...a deep thinker who loved listening to industrial techno and classical music but often commented on how much he enjoyed viewing a sunset, getting a kiss from his wife or watching people and animals interact."

"That chick Devi sure is a silly freak from Cali. I bequeath unto her the holy title of 'sophisticado'."
by Dr. Nordoslavic December 04, 2012
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