Sophie is usually a pretty, blonde, sex obsessed, confident girl. Also known by other names such as slag or whore as Sophie tend to suck cock throughout their free time. Although Sophie may be very forward but do tend to be very nice people.
Guy 1: "Oh wow that girl is really pretty"

Guy 2: "Yeah but she's a Sophie!"
by killjoy999 November 07, 2013
An awkie person
See that sophie? She's AWKIEEE
by awkie queen October 19, 2012
a super sexy chick that loves to flirt with every boy she meets. usually is a whore and a party animal. she maintains perfect grades without studying more than a few minutes. loves attention and is fun to be around. everyone that hangs out with her has a fantastic time with this bootielicious chick that will do anything to have a good time even if she can't remember it the next day.
i had a great time going to the club with Sophie! she was so drunk that she danced on a table! but we all loved to watch her shake her sexy ass!
by botielicious blond June 30, 2011
Sophie a beast from the never-regions, her main purpose is to seek and destroy. She likes cat and will often steal them from the street to complete her kitty palace. Beware extremely cute and cuddely on the outside, however she is a crafty brother and kitty stealing beast.
MARJORIE: Hey have u seen my cat?
JANICE: No but there was a sophie around her with a large sack and a brother.
MAJORIE: Oh no ive been sophie's again!
by bowkittylover April 09, 2011
1) A girl who doesn't really care about anything but drama and likes to do a full split on her horny boyfriends dick then call other people slut faced ho-bags.

2) A crazy-ass psychopath who enjoys making other people feel bad about themselves. Typically thinks they are really good at their sport when really they suck. Expects people to give her special privileges because she is a rich ass motherfucker. Overreacts about literally everything. Total bitch: BEWARE.

3) An amazing black girl who twerks that ishhh.
Sophies are very self explanatory creatures... no example necessary.
by saucymeatball612 February 19, 2013
Usually a bitch who is very slutty. Throws herself at guys who she thinks likes her, but in reality nobody does. Sophie is very fake.
Eww. Look it's a Sophie. Does she know nobody likes her
by Zteid99 December 26, 2013
(this is my opinion for 8 Sophie's i know)
A bossy female that wants her own way all the time. She will try to get as many bitches on her side as she can to back her up. She tends to talk behind peoples backs and blames others. Sometimes you find them tom-boys. :P
Harry - Theres that Sophie again bitching off to other chicks.

Travis - eh, she's a Sophie.....

Simon - fuck, that Sophie girl is coming, don't want to deal with her :/
by Epic_run♥ January 12, 2012

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