Sophie is always a blonde chica who likes her drink. The life and soul with a massive gob! She turns heads with her smashing body however she doesn't let her goodies get sucked on every day of the week!
Oh god, she's done a Sophie, where is she I want to go to bed!
by Sophie Wood February 10, 2015
A gorgeous girl, funny, smart. There is a well-known myth that they look most beautiful by the light of glow- worms

also hates polar bears - for unknown reasons
"do you know sophie?" "yeah, isn't she that hot chick that hates polar bears?"
by dr-pokey August 23, 2011
Dark haired girl with big brown eyes an long eye lashes. Swears all the time and has temper tantrums. Lots of men like her as her tits spill over her bra and men are left with lob ons!!!!!

Sophie does have a heart of gold, but my god you dont wanna cross this taurus women, as she is a hot bull!

In the sheets she is a devil, experimenting always and has more dildos than you have had hot dinners.
All in all the one to shag!!
hello sophie we all love your boobs.
by loves willys February 02, 2014
Sophie is the kind of girl who loves to whip her hair back and forth, when you bend over sophie will be there to slap you.
Oh no, i just pulled a sophie!
by Foulreeks April 11, 2012
A common venus penis trap. Put your ding dong between her lower lips and you never come back!
That girl, is such a bloody Sophie. I hate her.
by TheArchBishopofBanterbury February 06, 2015
a super sexy chick that loves to flirt with every boy she meets. usually is a whore and a party animal. she maintains perfect grades without studying more than a few minutes. loves attention and is fun to be around. everyone that hangs out with her has a fantastic time with this bootielicious chick that will do anything to have a good time even if she can't remember it the next day.
i had a great time going to the club with Sophie! she was so drunk that she danced on a table! but we all loved to watch her shake her sexy ass!
by botielicious blond June 30, 2011
Sophie a beast from the never-regions, her main purpose is to seek and destroy. She likes cat and will often steal them from the street to complete her kitty palace. Beware extremely cute and cuddely on the outside, however she is a crafty brother and kitty stealing beast.
MARJORIE: Hey have u seen my cat?
JANICE: No but there was a sophie around her with a large sack and a brother.
MAJORIE: Oh no ive been sophie's again!
by bowkittylover April 09, 2011
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