A girl who is caring loving and beautiful. Has an amazing body. Beautiful curves and a nice tan ;) Sophie is a very exotic girl or simply just a clever different female. You would be lucky to have a Sophie in you're life because they are just fun to be around. Never let go of a Sophie because she is very stubborn !
Sophie---- is that a Sophie I see because she is a fine dime :p
by XoxoGG July 02, 2015
Sophie's are fun, quirky people who love to dance, sing and be VERY hyperactive. They tend to have a lot of bossy but kind friends who they chatter to all the time. Sophie's can be found at hyperactive places such as nightclubs, parks and places where she can run around and do anything she wants. Usually they want to be popular and have boyfriends.
"Woah who's that getting wasted?"
"Oh that's Sophie she's my bestie"
"She looks high"
"She is"
by soph da jam luva May 29, 2015
A pretentious bitch that knows no boundaries. Most likely the only person to push away all of her friends thus becoming alienated because of her actions
God That Sophie girl just makes you want to die inside.
by Small Nutz, Big Dick October 05, 2015
an awesome girl who likes to have fun and is up for anything. she tries to be tough and loves the water.usually short. she is a fighsty chik that knows how to get the party started
sophie is tough but loving! love that short person!!
by c@$h d0ll@r May 31, 2011
A gorgeous girl, funny, smart. There is a well-known myth that they look most beautiful by the light of glow- worms

also hates polar bears - for unknown reasons
"do you know sophie?" "yeah, isn't she that hot chick that hates polar bears?"
by dr-pokey August 23, 2011
Sophie is always a blonde chica who likes her drink. The life and soul with a massive gob! She turns heads with her smashing body however she doesn't let her goodies get sucked on every day of the week!
Oh god, she's done a Sophie, where is she I want to go to bed!
by Sophie Wood February 10, 2015
A common venus penis trap. Put your ding dong between her lower lips and you never come back!
That girl, is such a bloody Sophie. I hate her.
by TheArchBishopofBanterbury February 06, 2015

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