Nice and caring but also can be a bitch to some people. In love with all the richies of the world. Sophie and Richie make a perfect couple.
Hey there comes Sophie, riches girl!
by Girliegirl12346 March 09, 2014
A feminine name used mostly in European countries, The US, and Australia.
I have a friend named Sophie who is the most outspoken and sarcastic person ever and another friend named Sophie who is shy and introverted.
by winter65993 April 10, 2015
A boss ass bitch who is awesome, smart, and everyone secretly has a crush on, since she is hot
Wow, look at how Sophie looks today! Stunning!
by senior2k19 February 11, 2015
A girl who is caring loving and beautiful. Has an amazing body. Beautiful curves and a nice tan ;) Sophie is a very exotic girl or simply just a clever different female. You would be lucky to have a Sophie in you're life because they are just fun to be around. Never let go of a Sophie because she is very stubborn !
Sophie---- is that a Sophie I see because she is a fine dime :p
by XoxoGG July 02, 2015
Sophie's are fun, quirky people who love to dance, sing and be VERY hyperactive. They tend to have a lot of bossy but kind friends who they chatter to all the time. Sophie's can be found at hyperactive places such as nightclubs, parks and places where she can run around and do anything she wants. Usually they want to be popular and have boyfriends.
"Woah who's that getting wasted?"
"Oh that's Sophie she's my bestie"
"She looks high"
"She is"
by soph da jam luva May 29, 2015
The hawtest girl evar! She's the best girl u could ever ask for. She is nice, smart, sexxy and has a great fashion sense. She is a great lover (when she isn't sleeping) and will rock your world!
"So I hooked up with my girl Sophie"

"Aw nice dude. How far did u get?"

"Third base and back!"

by 623Inc December 10, 2011
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