A dragon-taming sex god.
Is Sophie really taming that dragon?!
by Dragon-taming sex god's friend January 15, 2014
Stunning, beautiful, funny, sexy, and the most amazing person to be around. She can get any guy at the snap of her fingers, and she is an amazing friend. She will always be there for you if you ever need a friend, but at parties she is the coolest gal alive!
I wish I was more like Sophie.

Sophie looks amazing in this picture!
by hk_infinity May 09, 2013
A feminine name used mostly in European countries, The US, and Australia.
I have a friend named Sophie who is the most outspoken and sarcastic person ever and another friend named Sophie who is shy and introverted.
by winter65993 April 10, 2015
Nice and caring but also can be a bitch to some people. In love with all the richies of the world. Sophie and Richie make a perfect couple.
Hey there comes Sophie, riches girl!
by Girliegirl12346 March 09, 2014
Sophie,is the best friend any one could ever have she loves green day and oreosand all her friends, she likes to lock people in bathrooms with spiders and makes me sleep on the floor but i love her all the same.She is short with brown hair and the nicest eyes she likes to laugh and when she does its contagious,she's friends with smelly pirate hookers and sexy mo fos.she is loved by evryone and will do well in life
omg she is Such a sophie
by XxXSadhbhXxX December 24, 2009
The hawtest girl evar! She's the best girl u could ever ask for. She is nice, smart, sexxy and has a great fashion sense. She is a great lover (when she isn't sleeping) and will rock your world!
"So I hooked up with my girl Sophie"

"Aw nice dude. How far did u get?"

"Third base and back!"

by 623Inc December 10, 2011
A smart brunette, usually very petite, with a hugely sassy personality. She also has a great and unique sense of style and knows what looks good on her sexy body. She's surprisingly sweet underneath the sarcasm. She's not a slut, she just likes really hot guys. To sex before marrige she'll say "hell ya" if she's ready. Dry humping sounds like a good idea with a hot dude, and getting smashed at a party sounds awesome, even though she can't hold her liquor. She has AMAZING friends who accept her and all her faults, she's an all around great person.
Guy 1: Dude she's so fuckin' hot.
Guy 2: That girl? The super drunk girl who's dancing on a table with the 3 blonds, laughing?
Guy 1: Yeah. Who is she?
Guy 2: Dunno, but she's probably a Sophie

She's so smart, pretty, and bold. She must be Sophie
by Dr. Freak the Chicken Hard! November 30, 2011

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