(this is my opinion for 8 Sophie's i know)
A bossy female that wants her own way all the time. She will try to get as many bitches on her side as she can to back her up. She tends to talk behind peoples backs and blames others. Sometimes you find them tom-boys. :P
Harry - Theres that Sophie again bitching off to other chicks.

Travis - eh, she's a Sophie.....

Simon - fuck, that Sophie girl is coming, don't want to deal with her :/
by Epic_run♥ January 12, 2012
Sophie is most of the time a brunette with blue eyes. People often assume her to be blonde, but often otherwise. She's Jewish. She doesn't have much confidence, although she is pretty, smart, fashionable, funny and unique. She commonly likes music and she is a Taurus, stubborn but unique.
Wow, she's amazing at guitar!
Yeah, she's a real Sophie.
by GreenDay<33 November 23, 2010
Slut. The biggest attention seeking bitch ever who thinks her boobs are big
What a sophie

She is always flirting with ugly guys
by Human6996 September 26, 2013
A Orange girl, who uses fake tan and looks so fake she could pass off as a ompa lompa.
Have you seen Sophie? Yeah apparently her tan glove broke but really she used her sketty hands.
by gijoe2350 February 22, 2012
See Pleb
I got a sophie to scrub my floors, shes not very good at anything.
by ManFriend644 January 04, 2012
a goddamn hott girl. biggest boobs known to man, very slutty, sexy in bed, great when grinding. tall, skinny, and has the tiniest feet.
When I'm with Sophie, I feel fucking horny. I love her.
by udontknomelikdt13211145 November 08, 2006
Sam: Hey that girls such a Sophie!
Sarah: Oh, you mean a lesbian, presbyterian, republican?
Ella: That girl IS such a Sophie!
Sam+Sarah+Ella: Yeah... so true.
by PEACELOVESOPHIE June 25, 2010

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