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Sam: Hey that girls such a Sophie!
Sarah: Oh, you mean a lesbian, presbyterian, republican?
Ella: That girl IS such a Sophie!
Sam+Sarah+Ella: Yeah... so true.
by PEACELOVESOPHIE June 25, 2010
19 161
Someone who is unable to say a sentence in a normal span of time.
"It took her like ten minutes to tell me what she had for lunch."
"Yea, she's a total Sophie."
by penismuffinshitbutt December 01, 2008
121 301
A cute, rather attractive lady who is addicted to cherry condoms just like 2pac is addicted to weed. She normally has nice boobs, and is horny. She only uses cherry condoms so if ur out of them, she'll go unprotected. This resulted in 14 babies, all named Olivia.
wowww she is such a Sophie, i cant believe she ate those cherry condoms for desert. sophie likes strawberry too
by thats wats up cracker March 17, 2009
82 272
a girl who often get anally fingered at foam parties
but she never complains
Barry: why did that girl just punch you in the face?
Scott: I put a sneaky finger in her poo spout
Barry: What a f***ing sophie.
by poobumpoobum June 13, 2009
67 261
Sophie (pronounced soh-fee): verb,

1) to slam or insult without just cause,

2) slang; reference to being slammed or insulted
Someone just called you a controlling Bitch?

You've just been "Sophied!"
by LillithoffWL January 11, 2009
56 260
delicious, yummy tasting clit, never shaves though, obsessecd with elephants who speak french and juan munoz. likes polka dots and has hawaii phobia. fingers herself in science class while doing experiments with hydrongen paroxide, addicted to m&m's and very pretty!
hi i'm sophie, nice to meet you
by cheertits July 27, 2009
55 262
sophie is a ladymanlady who's native language is that of Fringlish...sophie enjoys women and 80s movies and has an unatural obsession with Helen Keller
wow! that girl is so sophie! poor little blighter...
by chinnyellie July 02, 2009
28 235