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see "suhwoop". a different pronounciation of suhwoop used by the Bloods gang.
Tyrone: What up bluh?
Sho'binga'bing: SOOWOOP!
Tyrone: Nuttin but a Blood thang.
Sho'binga'bing: On Bloods.
by skudge December 26, 2007
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Soo-woop is wrong. you need to check "soo woo" because it is the correct spelling. Soo Woo is a blood call just like what it do at first. what it do is now used more loosely not associating the bloodz.
Blood 1: "Soo-woop nigga!!"
Blood 2: "Na nigga its soo woo. lets whoop this crab ass nigga anyway!"
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The guy that said soo-woop is wrong is a fake out of state blood. If youre not from L.A. or San Diego, or have real ties to them, youre a fake offbrand blood.

Soo-woop is the real term not soo woo.
Soo-woop or Soo whooop..Either way, its a p at the end.
juice from Redrum 781 of APG.
by kaneTane April 12, 2011
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A gang call used by the westside bloods
by cripkilla2010 July 14, 2010
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Gang call for the bloods to represent

Often used by Lil' Wayne in songs
Now all my bloods scream "Soo-woop! and Dadda-do!"

And I'm blooded soo-woop and I'm blooded soo-woop
I got bloods on stage bloods at my shows
Fuck with my bloods got blood on your cloths
And I'm blooded soooo-wooop (2)
by nothinmuch January 26, 2009
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a high-pitched calling used by gang members and affiliates to warn each other that the police are near or on their way.
soowoop! yo dawg tha poe-leece are on they way! SOOWOOOPPPPP!
by dunitholler June 11, 2005
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