A very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very long time.
PaulaAbdul: My Album will be coming out soon. (tweeted, a few months ago)
by A Paula Abdul fan (; February 09, 2010
Soon: adj. Word used repeatedly in order for a friend to try to encourage another to look on the bright side of life when things aren't so great.
"Don't worry, he'll be home soon and then everything will be better"
by EllaL October 12, 2009
What emo punk kids say when there are standing around in groups admiring something. Playing pretend or trying to impress each other by coming up with new words.

Your response of "on" means that something is giving you 100% satisfaction as opposed to the polar opposite 0%, which is off, just like an on and off switch. There's no in between.
"Dude this hamburger is "SO ON" right now!

Your friend tells you he's enjoying pizza. You are enjoying the pizza as well. You are both enjoying the moment. Your friend says "This pizza is so good" and then you nod your head and respond It's "So On."
by Latifa Manhala June 10, 2009
for when u sayin adios to homies... say "soon" for talk to ya soon or see ya soon etc.
-alright man, i gotta roll
-aiight, late homie
-you know, soon
by j-t-smoove817 May 15, 2011
Slang expressed wen you are leaving or saying bye.
Prat: Sfe im gne

Harmful Grinder: SOON
by Harmful Grinder May 19, 2009
A word which makes Pete scream with frustration.


by -Sprocket- February 08, 2009
Someone that is premature in nature, especially concerning men's sexual performance.
Who? I'm not keepin' that soon nigga around me no mo!
by 71west November 15, 2005

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