A Hedgehog that used to be cool, until he went 3D.

In 1993 a cool cartoon actually spawned from the sonic universe, it had a dark plot and everything. Then one day it disapeared. After that and S&K there have been no good ideas.
Sonic the Hedgehog

Old School Gamer: DR. EGGMAN!? WTF!!?

reet: Dr. Eggman is a luser sonic owns him all the time. ZOMG AND SHADOW IS GOING TO HAVE A GUN IN HIS NEXT GAME!! ITS GONA TOTALLY OWN HALO!11

Old School Gamer: I would like to meet the people responsible for this...
by RARRIORZIZORRZFROMHELL12483958034805 September 12, 2005
Hedgehog in early 1990's cartoon that consumed mass amounts of corn dogs.
Sonic ate all the corn dogs really quickly.
by Hunter May 06, 2005
A sex act. It is where a guy rolls around in some snow, takes a very hot shower so is hair stands up, and gets a running start to do a chick.
I pulled a Sonic the Hedgehog on my girlfriend last night.
by SG50 October 20, 2008
The video game character that many gameophile/furry people have said they would have sex with.

With the help of Sonic Passion, he went from a kid's game to a porn star.

In 2005 he was cyber-married to Alix Henriol
Sonic the Hedgehog is hot!
by tonniphile July 10, 2008
Was once the leading character in the greatest gaming series of all time, but has now become nothing more than a cross-platform whore.
Be honest: The original Megadrive masterpieces or the steaming hunks-of-shit that are the new games?
by Nedia March 18, 2005
Some game invented in 1991. It is made by some Japanese people named SEGA. Sonic the Hedgehog is a blue hedgehog (but he doesnt look anything like one):).
Sonic has been in so much games i cant type it. Many of his games are badly rated and some are good. The most highest rated is probably the classics. Sonic's enemy is EGGMAN and Eggman's retarded crew.
Some of the horrible looking enemies are,

Chaos: Some on-drugs ho made out of water who is the chaos who protects chaos.
Eggman: Like in every game Eggman the fat bastard shows up and screws up the game. He is as fat as an Egg and tries to always steal some kind of Chaos Emerald.
Shadow: Shadow was an enemy in the beginning of Sonic Adventure 2 but sided with Sonic and the other annoying heroes.
Iblis: Iblis, the gay guy made out of gay fire.
Metal Sonic: This isnt the real Sonic. This guy is robotic and evil.
Black Doom: Black Doom is a half threat to Shadow but full threat to Sonic. As Shadow you decide if you side with him but at the end he sides against him.

Those are only some of those gay enemys.

The first few theme songs were made by the band Crush 40.
Sonic the Hedgehog is from 1991.
He is japanese and made by SEGA!
by Shadow is a killer! June 21, 2007
thee act of trimming your bush
"I no longer Sonic the Hedgehog"
by Jephi April 10, 2007

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