A blue hedgehog...though a hero, is one of Knuckle's biggest rivals...and that is something we cannot cope with. The only thing he has that Knuckles does not, is slightly better taste in music.

Sonic buys donuts from Timothy's Dad.
Sonic is a Kilographic.
Sonic is a Kilogrump.
Sonic is big in Japan, land of Ochigawa.
Rival of Knuckles The Echidna
by Def_226 August 10, 2003
Sonic The Hedgehog or Sonicing:
The catching and inhaling of a marijuana smoke ring blown by someone else.
10 points a ring bitch... Sonic the Hedgehog this shit.
by johnnyrottin March 27, 2013
A fast, hyperactive blue hedgehog. He is impatient and has a few rivals. His favorite food is the Chili Dog. If he has 50 rings and all 7 chaos emeralds, he turns into the Unstoppable Super Sonic. If he has all 7 SUPER emeralds, he turns into the even more Unstoppable Hyper Sonic.
Tom played Sonic The Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis.
by TheBlueHedgehog October 26, 2015
the sexiest mother fucker to exist. this mo fo will rape your ass if he becomes Super Sonic, but even without the 7 chaos emeralds he'll still make your anus increase in diameter. lives life to the fullest and has the most adventurous heart out there.
"sonic's the name, speed's my game!"

-sonic the hedgehog
by C. 40 January 05, 2010
1.The shittiest most autistic fan base ever. They recolor sonic and call it copyrighted (Because autists don't know what copyright means) make a edgy as fuck "story" for it and then upload to Deviantard.
2.Segas official jew gold cow
Sonic The Hedgehog fancunt:ORIGINAL CONTENT DO NOT STEAL
by Jjr51802 February 10, 2014
A faker :) Sonic is Shadow The Hedgehog fake.
As Shadow would say, "Faker!" =D
Sonic the Hedgehog is such a faker~
by Shadows Imouto~~ December 28, 2010
1. To go from one of the most well-praised, renowned, greatest, and most popular franchise of all time to become the laughing stock of the gaming community.

2. To start off amazing then slowly turn to a steaming pile of shit.

See also: Street Fighter, Megaman, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Star Fox, Turok, Dynasty Warriors.
1. The 2D Sonic the hedgehog games are still decent on DS/

2. Dude! Nip/Tuck is a total Sonic the Hedgehog,
by I love lesbians March 03, 2008
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