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Sondre is a norwegian, male name. It is said to be the handsomest name in the country, if not the world. Anyone with this name should be fully treated with respect and soothing massages, around the clock. A Sondre is said to be a cute, handsome, strong, intelligent and romantic male person. Due to the name's awesomeness, women tend to call themselves Sondre just for fun and to be treated as if they're actually cool.

To summarize, Sondre is a name, which can also be used to describe someone or something who/which is awesome/cool.
"Hey Sondre, what's up?"

"Wow! That person is so Sondre!"
by Sondre November 03, 2007
A male name, but also synonym for Rambo. Usually muscular.
"He's buff, he gotta be a Sondre"
by softshake December 28, 2009

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