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sonam normally comes wid da term siksik in front of her name. siksik sonam. sonam is crazy nd hyper but also safe, funny nd sweet. sonam think shes thuggd out and gangsta, nd u always have fun wid her. But best of all she alwayz puts a smile on ya face.

if ur boredd tell siksik sonam
if ya want a fun day out tell siksik sonam
if ya need cheering up find siksik sonam

siksik sonam is tooo sikkkk
by U Dun March 17, 2008
someone who gives advice at any given time; someone nice to the extreme, who can not be mean; someone that is really pretty; who you would love to have as a friend
That girl is sonam, i would love to have her as my best friend.
by faciel November 10, 2006
a living, breathing celebration of life. seems contented with what she has, and speculative of what she doesn't. knows a little bit of evrythng. would make a great rocket scientist, but is just too moody
I think you could be a sonam if you tried a little harder!
by ddd January 28, 2005
Pettie, classy, chic Indian woman. Curvy body, and knows how to flaunt it. Her booty has its own facebook page. Guys fall to her feet and then she walks all over them.

Lady in the streets but a freak in the bed.
Guy 1: Man, I went to the bar last night, and I met Sonam
Guy 2: Werd? How much did you spend on her?
Guy 1: Uh, I maxxed out.
by notyourHeritage August 31, 2010
Synonymous with "So-Nasty", a Sonam is a girl that has a hoodlum background. She pursues higher education and is generally friendly, but this is not to be taken as a weakness; she becomes a thug when necessary.
Girl: "Yo I hate that chick, she can't even play basketball."
*Throws basketball at chick*
Girl: "Hey, CATCH!"
*Basketball hits chick in the face*
Denise: "That girl is such a Sonam."

Girl: "Yo I dare you to cut my hair."
*Boy cuts her hair*
Girl: "Teacher! He cut my hair!"
Denise: "That girl is such a Sonam."

Girl: "Hey, it's your birthday, right? Happy birthday!!"
Denise: "Oh, thanks...that girl is such a Sonam."
by 212Gentlemen June 14, 2014
A sonam is a Tibetan snowman that claims to be Korean, because she likes Korea. She is usually with other Tibetans and she likes to dance, but she can't. But she is a good friend when it comes to knowing their best friend's problems. She also is a funny girl but very ugly. Sonams are really rare to find and Lisas' are lucky to have Snowmans around to make her feel better(:
Snowman (Sonam) Choedon(;
by ilovesnowman May 13, 2011
The SWEETEST and COOLEST girl that i know that goes to el rancho. She also is going to Canyon. Sonam also uses the word ghetto a lot.
BFF reunite! lol Thats so ghetto!
by Sh0uSh! January 16, 2005