best band ever. end of story.
something corporate fucking owns.
by Rebecca November 17, 2003
Something corporate can touch anyones heart and has beautiful piano with Andrew McMahons gorgeous voice. They are so emo and that is what is so darn good about them. They can make anyone cry, they make me cry all the time. There is nothing better than an emo band with a gorgeous singer.
"The more honest i am with myself, the more people get it." - Andrew McMahon
by paige April 25, 2005
freaking amazing band.

something corporate is love.

"reasons, like seasons; they constantly change." - something corporate
by S0C0lovee September 30, 2006
A band that, regardless of senseless bashing, is a truly amazing band that has created music that goes beyond the ordinary definition of a band from it's era, touches all aspects of music worth focusing on, and defines emotions that I have found no other band to be able to do. The lead singer, Andrew McMahon has also branched off to his side project, "Jack's Mannequin", which focuses more on the piano than "Something Coporate", and also is a plain amazing band that is definitely worth checking out.
"I went to that Something Corporate concert last night, and I can honestly say I've never seen such an awesome band before."
by plaidboy October 26, 2007
A very terrible group from some random place... yeah, not important. Their song "Konstantine" is probably one of the worst songs known to man, and a Britney Spears song is a lot more enjoyable.
And that's saying something, because Something Corporate sucks ;)
by Kikyo Maaka May 04, 2009
A band whose name describes every fiber of their musical being.
I want to go to their Italian villa in Rome and throw a brick through the the window of their Maserati, the rich fucking bastards.*

*I'm not sure about the villa, but I'm sure they have one.
by Deathfuckingmetal May 08, 2005
An illegal windows xp version.
Yeah, i have a xp version. It was something corporate.
by illegal copy May 18, 2003
A band that has meaningful lyrics in a select few of their songs, but some of them are just really stupid coz they sing about love a lil too much. But hands down, this group is better than The Darkness, who sings WAAAY too much about love.
Something Corporate - Hurricane... good emo song.
by Arley567 April 10, 2004

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