best band ever. end of story.
something corporate fucking owns.
by Rebecca November 17, 2003
fucking good band

* I wanna save you
* You're gone
* If you see Jordan
hey........this is some good shit
by cilla....yes....bring it March 01, 2004
Something Corporate is one of the best bands out there.. hell yeah
Something Corporate rocks!
by scardsykokittie August 27, 2003
The best band ever to grace the face of this earth. I duno if they're emo of not..but whatever they are they're effing awesome!
Something Corporate's lead singer, Andrew jumps on the piano, and it is hot. \m/
by KT B-illo October 20, 2003
An amazingly beautiful band. The lyrics touch on the deeper parts of life. Theyre not for the 12 year old girls who faint when they see a band member. They have an amazing sound of piano with high distortion guitar. Andrew McMahono has a great tenor voice to compliment the the great music.
You Live the life you're given, with the storms outside.
Somedays all I do is watch the sky....
One really great band, they really don't deserve all of the teenyboppers saying stuff like "omg i looove something corporate (giggles) they are so awesoeme and their music totally rocks" its just annoying, so can we please settle down and not focus on how "gorgeous" the lead singer is and instead look at how great of a band they really are?
Though Im weak inside
I'm thriving just the same
Still Calling out your name
Wondering who it is that i should blame - wait ( by far a MUCH better song then konstantine ) and stop trying to figure out what konstantine means anyways (teenyboppers) I don't think you have enough brainwaves for that
by noflyway99 April 09, 2005
Something Corporate rock my socks.
"It's to dying in another's arms, and why I had to try it"
by TB March 04, 2005
© THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD!! © All their songs on "Leaving Through the Window" ROCK (I Want to Save You, Punk Rock Princess, I Woke Up In a Car, If You C Jordan, The Astronaut, Hurricane, Cavanaugh Park, Fall, Straw Dog, Good News, Drunk Girl, Now What It Seems, You're Gone, and Globes and Maps). ©
Something Corporate is the best!
by ViCtoRia!! May 26, 2004

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