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Hat in spanish. Not just that huge Mexican hat.
Person: Look at that guy's sombrero, it's huge!
Other Person: It's called a hat, deal with it.
by ... August 03, 2004
1- the ultimate party hat
2- a hat often used for mid day naps (siesta)
3- the hat of the working class people
our gardener was wearing a sombrero while taking a nap and drinking tequila
by double d boy April 02, 2009
A great ass. Used as code when around mixed company since it isn't obvious and not in common usage.

Excellent sombrero to your right.
by Scummable Thurgood April 04, 2005
A generously sized penis generally possessed by an extremely dirty Mexican. a sombrero is basically impossible for the female population to resist.
Holy Shit! check out that Sombrero
by vivalamexico March 11, 2010
(n.) Plural - Large nipples, both in total nipple area as well as nipple protrusion.
1. "You see how big Chlesea's tates are?"

"Yeah bro, but she's definitely got some sombreros."

2. "I couldn't believe how big her nipples were. Sombreros city."
by Axilla The Horse January 23, 2013
alcohol of any type

originated in the MP aka "the point"
"Ayo cornerpocket the sombrero man, 5-0 comin'"
-meaning to hide the alcohol
by $aint January 14, 2008
It's a way of life dedicated to relaxing and socializing while appreciating the finest weed, beer and wine.

Its Mexicano not Spanish.

Started by TSC crew.
As Diana was stressing about whatever it is she always stresses about, Nuno told her: Sombrero.

Person: How are you?
OtherPERSON: Sombrero.
Person: Naa.
by Nilaratowen October 10, 2009
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