The condition necessary for masturbation.
John locked himself up in solitary confinement for a bit of "fun"
by shroomie October 09, 2003
Top Definition
1. When an occupant of a prison does something reckless or anything severe that is against prison regulations, he is put in solitary confinment. Solitary confinment puts prisoners in a small, dark cell with no windows or light for a period of time, without ANY contact to the outside world or any other part of the prison or prisoners.
1. Butch made another escape attempt yesterday and they put him in solitary confinment for 3 weeks.
by Chicken Butt October 06, 2003
when one is put into a area where one does not make normal levels of social contacts with other people
the inmate that tried to escape, they assigned him solitray confinement for a year
by matt furlani October 06, 2003
Being stuck by yourself either by force or by your own volition. Heaven to introverts, and hell to extroverts.
My parents were going to my brother's band concert, so I was in solitary confinement for seven hours. IT WAS GREAT!
by ucluelet harbor December 20, 2008
given to a prison inmate. the inmate is locked in a room wit no windows or doors, excdept for the entrance, for a certain amount of time.
killa got into a fight, so he got solitary confinement.
by da madd scientist October 03, 2003
1)A punishment for bad behavior in prisons. Subject is placed in a cell with no contact with other prisoners.
2) A precaution used to prevent the spread of contagious diseases. Anyone suspected of carrying a disease is placed in an isolated room with minimal direct contact with others.
See above, dumbass.
by Anon. October 01, 2003
to be forcefully chillen by urself by a state or gov. Not being able to communicate with someone for 9 hours. THe mind starts to bug out
Hey yo im not goign back to solitary, it drives me insane
by austin October 07, 2003
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