Soldier means a person boy or girl, black or white who (hustles) through hard times and keeps on going against all odds and never gives up everyone is a Soldier but some more than others.
Many people in rap consider them selfs to be soldiers...

Eminem, Tupac, 50cent etc
by GRAVESTER April 28, 2005
Soldier = Army Personel just like when they call themself Hi-Speed, they also use Hooah as a motivative expression.
hey Soh jah.
waddap soh jah.
wuddap Hi-speed
by USMC- Chen February 11, 2005
The brave paper bag that protects your hand from the icy cold 40 ounces of beer attempting to freeze itself to your skin.
1.) Jason's counter top was littered with the tattered remnants of many dead soldiers, but his hands and bottles escaped unharmed.

2.) The liquor store clerk tried to send me into battle unprotected, but I quickly snatched a spare soldier and wrapped my Mickey's up nice and tight, living to drink and fight another day.
by Kaustik May 05, 2007
To lead and/or assemble an sizeable army of people as in a gang.
I'm gonna need you guys to soldier up. We got another rival crew coming and I wnat us to be ready.
by The A-man December 22, 2005
(Noun) (see also, American General)
1. Wo/man having skill or experience in drinking.
2. One who possesses little concern/fear of the drink.
Soldierly- (adverb)
3. Characterized by soldier-like qualities.
1. Cayce is a damn soldier.
2. The soldier drank nearly 300 beers without a care.
3. Jack displayed soldierly behavior with that 5 1/2 minute keg stand. That was downright American General quality drinkin'!
a man/woman who will put there life in stake to finish there job which is ethier to eliminate the enmemy, plant a C4 bomb at a cerain place or thing which propose a threat to america or other conturies.somtimes they recover a certain veichle like the Blackhawk. so the ethir plant a bomb or destroy it with a greater weapon like the Alpachie.
they have certan ranks in the army and well you could rank up for saving alot of people or save your allies. i am not sure the rest about how to rank up.
these are the ranks i know not in the right order:
master sergeant
and General
besides trannie and recruit, they all have like first class and second class.
soldier 1: what now?
soilder 2: i dont know call the black hawk and lets go home
soilder 1: ok wait:
*5 hours later*
soilder 1: look its the black hawk!! wait a sec.. OH NO!!!!
soilder 2 : what?
soilder 1: its being attacked by a terroirist.
soilder 2: dam i gotta call the alpachie to blow this shit.
by call of combat rock May 02, 2009
a person who wears warm clothes (e.g. a duffer coat buttoned to the top) when its 30 degrees outside
what the fuck.......check out that solja with his duffer on!!!
by rasoool May 13, 2003

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