on final fintasy a group of fighters that fight to protect people
Protect your SOLDIER honour no matter what happens
by retep141 November 19, 2008
A girl with massive tits and a big ass
Dude, you see that girl? She's a soldier!
by Breathe! June 07, 2010
a person whom fights for their country,

an occupation that is protested by some of those who arn't soldiers and refuse to fight themselves, yet opress those at the job

needed for a country to retain their status in the worlds power struggle

if ones side loses the war, the losing sides soldiers are usually taunted or ridiculed sometimes killed in unfair trials for doing a job needed at the time for their country
1) propoganda guy: that guard from that war camp in germany is gonna be shot soon after that trial, that murdering bastard

me: but our soldiers also killed many people

propoganda guy: but we were right and they were wrong they deserved to die
me: if we lost the war how would you feel if they killed all our soldiers for doing a job needed for the time.

propoganda guy: our soldiers were doing a just job weeding out evil

me:im sure they thought the same thing, its just an occupation

propoganda guy: our government would never lie to us

me: right *walks away*
by jester york August 24, 2008
A member of a mafia crime family. Up to ten soldiers can be under one capo. Earn for the higher ups by pulling jobs and scams. Usually serve as hitmen when a contract is taken out.
The capo told his soldiers that they needed to earn more or somebody was gonna get whacked.
by Roberto Manchez December 29, 2004
a man who readily and willingly takes care of his woman. a man who also protects and supports his woman regardless of whether it messes up his "big-boy" stance.
A real man
I'm sick of all these silly men, i need a soldier to take care of me.
by Toucynn July 06, 2005
Inner-city individual, not neccessarily a criminal or gang member, but someone influential, with street cred, and in general desirable socially. Comes from the 60's nick-name for young black panthers(a politically-minded para-military organization) movement members.
James takes care of his friends & family, he knows all the right people to talk to when they get themselves in trouble...he's a soldier.
by Bogart December 22, 2004
A paper chaser who has his block on fire remaining a “G” until the day that he expires who knows what it is to make nothing out of something and handles his biz and don’t be crying when he’s suffering.
He ain't scared ta blast cause he a soilder nigga!
by Juvy November 13, 2003
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