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on final fintasy a group of fighters that fight to protect people
Protect your SOLDIER honour no matter what happens
by retep141 November 19, 2008
8 28
A girl with massive tits and a big ass
Dude, you see that girl? She's a soldier!
by Breathe! June 07, 2010
8 29
A member of a mafia crime family. Up to ten soldiers can be under one capo. Earn for the higher ups by pulling jobs and scams. Usually serve as hitmen when a contract is taken out.
The capo told his soldiers that they needed to earn more or somebody was gonna get whacked.
by Roberto Manchez December 29, 2004
46 74
a man who readily and willingly takes care of his woman. a man who also protects and supports his woman regardless of whether it messes up his "big-boy" stance.
A real man
I'm sick of all these silly men, i need a soldier to take care of me.
by Toucynn July 06, 2005
85 116
Inner-city individual, not neccessarily a criminal or gang member, but someone influential, with street cred, and in general desirable socially. Comes from the 60's nick-name for young black panthers(a politically-minded para-military organization) movement members.
James takes care of his friends & family, he knows all the right people to talk to when they get themselves in trouble...he's a soldier.
by Bogart December 22, 2004
27 60
a person which can easily be controlled by propaganda, to do the most cruel and inhuman things. soldiers say that they believe, that they are doing the right thing. perhaps some soldiers even enjoy being violent, and torture enemys. if you see a guy with a gun in his hand, play dead. playing dead is also recommended if you see a soldier without gun or any other kind of groups which are known for their ungentle behaviour.
officer: hey soldier - drop a bomb on that house, there are enemys in it.

soldier: okiydoky.

officer: aww damn, there where only civilists in it. it is the fault of our secret service. you did the right thing.

soldier: hahahahaha who cares. i had fun.
by tbbabou September 24, 2010
25 59
verb; In the swinging lifestyle when one member of a couple has sex with a member of another couple, who they are not attracted to. They do this so that their partner can be with someone who they really like.
1. Sure we can have a 4-way with that couple, I won't have to soldier.

2. No way I'm going to swing with that couple again, I'm tired of soldiering with that creepy guy!
by wenched August 20, 2005
10 46