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One that would lay down his life to protect the lives of others.
Some will die but many will live. A hero a soldier.
by Gilbert P May 30, 2008
The people who do the hardest job ever.
You should thank soldiers for more, they have a very hard job in shitty conditions with people who could kill them at anytime.
by colloquator September 20, 2008
1. A member of the Army who is constantly deployed defending the United States.

2. A man who while deployed gets fucked over by his girlfriend/fiancee/wife

3. A man who's constantly cheated on because she "just can't take it anymore" while he's in Iraq.
The Literal Translation is I can't wait for you when I have so much cock filling me.
1. Billy is not here for 15 months, hes a Soldier in Iraq

2. - Isn't she engaged to Billy?
- Not anymore, Billys a Soldier which means hes gone and she needs to fuck something.

3. - This isn't working out anymore, your a soldier who is away and I want as many penises in me as I can before you come back and I craw back to you.
by WhoMeNever June 13, 2008
guy who pulls gernades aka ugly girls
man brandons a soldier
by hcfckaflkcagnscfhf February 13, 2011
icy white reebok classics, used to stomp a niggas head in.
i gots blood on my soldiers after beatin dat nigga
by rb1234 April 11, 2007
Any person who forfeits their personal freedom to join the ranks of any government organization (esp. one guilty of tyranny) with aspirations to better their lives, sometimes possessing great desire to become a trained killer, possibly also harboring a death wish. When the entire word is capitalized out of context this may refer to the popular video game, Final Fantasy VII, in which the protagonist Cloud joins SOLDIER of Shinra to become like his idol and rival Sephiroth.
"Don't go thinkin' you all bad jus' cause you was in SOLDIER!" - Barret Wallace, Final Fantasy VII character, and leader of the rebel faction AVALANCHE.
by pseudostoopid January 01, 2011
on final fintasy a group of fighters that fight to protect people
Protect your SOLDIER honour no matter what happens
by retep141 November 19, 2008