A patriot that fights for his team, has multiple rocket launchers and loves Sun-Zu.
by ThatFagWithTheBlackBox October 15, 2011
Any person of a nation's military. This term is nowadays used to refer to one of ANY branch of the military, even the Air Force and Navy.
"US soldiers are the shit. Do not talk shit about them, you cold-hearted fuck."
by Dave November 07, 2004
A Slang or Colloquial term for Bullets. In reference to the fact that your bullets technically do your fighting for you.
I picked Up A Ruger P89 9mm The other day... Now i just need to get my hands on some Soldiers.
by Elated_Liberator February 13, 2007
The people who do the hardest job ever.
You should thank soldiers for more, they have a very hard job in shitty conditions with people who could kill them at anytime.
by colloquator September 20, 2008
One that would lay down his life to protect the lives of others.
Some will die but many will live. A hero a soldier.
by Gilbert P May 30, 2008
1. A group of fighting men, used in war, having different tasks (infantry, pilots, demolition, etc).

2. When used while not talking about war (and this will be obvious), can mean, "cum", "sperm", and/or "semen". Normally used with "marching".
1. Those American Soldiers are the Marines; they are tough-as-nails.

2. -Dude, his soldiers arent marching. That really sucks! (Said man cannot cum)
-I hadn't jacked off in a while, so my soldiers were plenty marching last night, all over that stripper!("I" Could cum)
by TehCRUSADER January 30, 2008
Anyone in the Army

Patriots, Kings amoung men, protectors of the nation (you should be greatful), legends, hero's, gods gift to women (and pubs), the ideal human being, realists, rolemodel for your children, the bit on the side for you wives/girlfriends and generally all round better than civilians.
See him? He's a soldier he is. *looks at the person in awe*
by Cas Carrigan January 15, 2008

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