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a young woman between the ages of 16 and 30 who lives near a military base located outside the U.S. A soldier bunnies mission in life is to snag a military man and marry him for the sole purpose of gaining a free ride to the U.S. Once the soldier bunny has acomplished her mission, she then drops her new military husband and proceeds to hopscotch around the U.S. freeloading off of any man who will look her way. If the soldier bunny happens to bear a child as a result of this union, she will often leave her child with the father and is often more than happy to terminate her parental rights. This usually happens when the father of the child goes after his former soldier bunny wife for child support.
The Soldier bunny put on an obscene amount of make up, donned skin tight jeans and a sweater, and went to the GI dance at the military installation in order to con a Private into marrying her.
by byteme March 06, 2004
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