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1. A grindfest

2. A formal dance that turns into a massive grindfest (or in extreme cases, it may turn into a massive orgy).
Dude u should go to the soiree tonight. Its gonna be a massive grindfest.
by edwild22 March 01, 2009
an evening party
Everyone drank cider at Elizabeth's birthday soiree.
by Vanessa July 29, 2003
a gathering of wankers
soiree: when company bosses get together to eat, drink, swap keys and sometimes dog.
by Malex (the original) July 23, 2010
A pretentious word to make a party sound fancy.

People pretending to be of a higher class than others.
Typically an evening party.
At the soiree at our estate we invited only a select group of douchebags.
by Moses232123 March 09, 2014
A group of homosexual males who get together once a month to finger each other's assholes and lick the shit off each other's fingers.

Usually they are a group of 6-8 males
"The soirée are fucking queer cunts"

"Fuck the soirée"
by WAC2014 August 12, 2014
A gathering of friends to get blitzed, ripped or completely torn up.
Hey guys let's have a soiree at Lindy's.
by BOPjr September 12, 2005