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A girl that is SOO BEAUTIFUL! She has SOO many beautiful friends (sorry kainat. And her favorite colr is pink because it is SOO beautiful.
Sohini loves PAR-TAYS!
by Sohini February 14, 2009
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N. A girl who uses the words, "funny funny", "redonkulous", "yo", and "dude" excessively to the point where the listener has to question whether the speaker is talking in english, ebonics, or both.
V. To ruin a good conversation by using the aforementioned words.
N. We were speaking amongst ourselves until a sohini joined the conversation. Then we started speaking in Hindi in order to take advantage of her weakness of the subject.
V. I was flirting and finding this girl interesting to talk to until she totally sohini'd it.
by Rup2410 March 14, 2009
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