The act of being under the influence of any sort of drug in the middle of a math class. It is also just a way of life.
I was hella sohcahtoa in Geometry.
by NickyV/RMelzzz April 05, 2007
the secret words kid use to indicate the wanting of sex with extremely large amounts of beer and poop in your mouth at once.
sal: hey wanna do some sohcahtoa tonight?
brittney: ok bring extra beer

sal: ii got the poop!
by the sohcahtoa people May 03, 2012
to splatter small children with a very large car or automobile
"Dude hurry up and go faster! you have a chance to sohcahtoa 19 orphan babies!"
by McBlumpy With Fries April 09, 2010

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