totally out of it and completely and utterly pizzled, so much so that you cant stand up any more and you look like you're sogging into the ground.
Ned: "did you shag that girl last night?"
Franklin: "yeah, she was so soggy, it was easy!"
#fucked #drunk #pizzled #pissed #tipsy #ned flandered
by Rillie March 05, 2008
1)drunkor hung over
fucken-a emil, you look soggy as hell
#hung over #drunk #sloshed #assed out #shit-faced
by bastardfins December 22, 2006
(adj) Overweight person
(adj) Implies water retention issues in some circumstances
Dani, you are soggy. My mom said your mom thought you'd lose your baby fat but you haven't.
by C-A June 07, 2005
The adjective form of the word "sogg", which is an acronym for Slightly Outwardly Gay Guy.
Jeff is attracted to soggy guys like Ian Somerhalder.
#gay #straight #fetish #appearance #lust
by phildm September 20, 2007
soggy is either when a girl has been fucked to many times and is all loose and gross. the other definition is when a girl has gross fat on the back of her legs like cottage cheese.
1. she been around so much now she fuckin soggy
2. she has soggy shit on her legs.
by Adam December 14, 2004
Slang for "cool," "sweet," and overall good-ness. Also can be abbreviated to just "sog." Usually refers to things people do as well as people.
Dan is such a good artist, his drawings are so sog.
Adam is really good at basketball. His jumper is the soggiest I've ever seen.
Ariel and Stephanie are fun to hang out with, they're really soggy people.
#cool #sweet #wet #damp #awesome
by j.d.laxer May 26, 2009
Upon witnessing something utterly repulsive, a male may find that his penis is in a state similar to what one would imagine a "reverse-boner" to be like. This condition is not desirable and grown men have even been known to burst into tears when they realize the uselessness of their penis in this state.
My friends tied me down, taped my eyes open, and made me watch "Two Girls, One Cup"; it was so disgusting my dick got soggy and was reduced to the size of only a few millimetres, causing me to cry helplessly for six hours.
#soggy #sogg #sog #penis #two girls one cup #disgusting #shrinkage
by adsfasidufj April 14, 2008
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