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Slut or skank

To be skanky
To have multiple sexual acts

Derived from longwood high school NY
she sleeps with everyone she's so soggy
by Nigger Pebbles January 08, 2011
To be lame, beat, or dressed poorly; The opposite of being "Krispy"
"BOI tell me how i look so krispy in my fresh famous stars and straps tee and you look soggy in that beat-ass wallmart jawn."
by PatMas! August 10, 2007
Another term used to describe testicles and their soggy nature inside of the scrotum. Men are usually proud to announce they have 'soggies' rather than testicles because of its manly connotation.
Did you just see his soggies?
How many soggies do you have?
by RussPi March 04, 2008
totally out of it and completely and utterly pizzled, so much so that you cant stand up any more and you look like you're sogging into the ground.
Ned: "did you shag that girl last night?"
Franklin: "yeah, she was so soggy, it was easy!"
by Rillie March 05, 2008
(adj) Overweight person
(adj) Implies water retention issues in some circumstances
Dani, you are soggy. My mom said your mom thought you'd lose your baby fat but you haven't.
by C-A June 07, 2005
When insulted or embarassed and you have nothing to say you are pretty much humiliated
Boy: u skinny anorexic girl
Girl: shut up with ur fat rolling mountains
Girl: u feeling soggy!!!
by tsukikodream October 28, 2010
A response to the greeting "how's the waffle cooked", meaning things aren't the best and you are sad or otherwise down in mood.
"Hey man, how's the waffle cooked?"

"Pretty soggy, man. My uncle fell into a wood chipper."
by G T Ripper November 13, 2008