When insulted or embarassed and you have nothing to say you are pretty much humiliated
Boy: u skinny anorexic girl
Girl: shut up with ur fat rolling mountains
Girl: u feeling soggy!!!
by tsukikodream October 28, 2010
Top Definition
your arent fresh looking or your fat, and you have no friends. Your clothes are out of style.
Kelly Kalbacher is very soggy unlike Joel Metzger.
by J0E1 Dizz13 January 20, 2009
Refers to girls, often loose or skanks, who are generally unappealing. Normally over weight or unattractive. Often used to describe unattractive girls who show up at parties uninvited. Soggies is derived from Captain Crunch commercials where the “soggies” would ruin the Captain’s cereal.
The party really sucked, there was just a bunch of soggies.
by mjw31 December 19, 2005
Disgusting, horrid, horrible, bad, and ugly.
Damn girl, you're soggy!
by noellesaninja October 18, 2012
The climax of being moist.When someone is idiotic and needs to be noticed.
1:"OI everyone,look at me!"
2:"Oh my,he's so soggy"
by gorillafriedchicken September 18, 2014
Australian "slang" Term for:

Meaning bad, dismal, pathetic. Lack luster. Originated in the early 90s in the Outback of Australia. Term quickly caught on and spread throughout Australia and other parts of the world.
"Hey John, that profit report was pretty soggy wasn't it?"
"yah it was? wasn't it?"

"Hey Robert, look after your patient, he's getting really soggy!!"

"Well that was a soggy down!"
by John Carter92 May 08, 2013
another way to say "so gay"
person 1 - "he asked me out over text, ha"
person 2 - "soggy"
by snuffleupagus07 August 14, 2010
To be lame, beat, or dressed poorly; The opposite of being "Krispy"
"BOI tell me how i look so krispy in my fresh famous stars and straps tee and you look soggy in that beat-ass wallmart jawn."
by PatMas! August 10, 2007
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