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A game in which a group of men, each carrying an iPod (or similar portable music device), take turns to play some songs for the collective. By way of drawing lots, a player is chosen to go first. The iPod is played on shuffle for a certain number of songs (typically 5-10); if, during this miniature playlist, a song is deemed embarrassing by majority verdict, the rest of the group ejaculate over the owner of the iPod. If all the songs on the playlist are acceptable to the collective, this person is safe from this round, and lots are drawn to nominate the next player. The round is over following all players having ejaculated on the loser.

Following completion of this phase of the game, the last person to ejaculate must then play songs from their iPod.

Repeat ad nauseum.
I was round Dave's place last night playing soggy iPod, and my last song was Everybody's Changing by Keane. Does anyone know how to get cumstains out of denim?
by Antonio Gramsci May 14, 2011

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