The state of the anus after it has been jizzed on.

"cor blimey he must of had a case of the blue balls cause he barely hitch hiked the hershey highway when he unleashed a soggy anus!"
by slutboy March 10, 2006
Top Definition
an anus which has been buttfucked to the limit and cum is dripping out of it
"oh no whenever i fart my pants get wet"
by Hakko December 14, 2003
anus which has had many arse orgasms and become extremely tender and moist in the process
"oh god!, my anus wont stop squelching ass discharge i might go to the toilet to clean up my soggy anus"
by Swift December 13, 2003
An anus that has had repeated orgasms and is now dripping with anus orgasm liquid.
"I fucked that guy so hard, he had a soggy anus for hours"
by DJD December 20, 2003
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