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Sofia is a beautiful girl usually of latin decent. She is the most popular girl in school, but hates it. People often make quick judgements of her. She comes from a wealthy family who doesn't get along well and always seems to be fighting. Sofia has a amazing singing voice and a talent for writing. She has a big butt and a curvy body. Most girls are jealous of her and most guys love her. Sofia is a outgoing person who really wants to curl up in a ball. She holds her head up high and trys to be confident even though that's not really the case.
Guy1: Damn Sofias hot
Guy2: Ikr?! But everyone says shes a bitch
Guy1: Thats cause shes so spoiled
Guy2: I'd still tap that

Girl1: omg sofia is so pretty
Girl2: I hate her
Girl1:Me too
by Themysteriouswriter August 16, 2012
Coolest person in THE WORLDDDDD!! She is super nice and cool and nice and cool. She is also friends with the other two best people Sydney and Montana (sydneys better though)
You wish you could be sofia
by sofiafan#1 October 14, 2011
This name came from the Greek and means wisdom, but it cannot be really applied to that person. I would more describe her as childish, not in bad definition of the word, but more in the way of how she reacts in life. She laughs like a child by almost falling on the floor whenever she laughs, and she is smarter than a child. She is scared of the lion which is eating your face whenever you say a swear word, but there is always the duck who is here to protect her. She is a pretty small blond haired spanish girl who is really flexible. Her only problem is to become easily mad whenever you scare her and asthma does not help her in sports, only thing i can reproach her. In three words she is awesome and really funny. And she loves barcelona even if she is from madrid, i don't get it.
- Where is Sofia ? Did u see her
- Yes i did, She is rolling on the floor laughing

- (Sofia) oh fu...
- Quack quack THE LION
- OH NOO, thank you duck
by timmy breti October 06, 2013
A smart girl. Shy at school but crazy with friends. Never wants attention drawn to her, she keeps her head down while walking through hall. No one judges her but she doesn't know that. Great personality that still need to be discovered. Not one to be popular but she is fine with that. Hates popular kids who think they are cool.
Guy 1: Who's that chick?
Guy 2: That's Sofia, new girl.
Guy 1: Dosnt look like much of the talker.
Guy 2: So I hear.
by ...hi January 24, 2014
There are many types of Sofias and you can tell the difference by their look.
White/Blonde: Beachy girl who's parents spelled her name wrong on the birth certificate. Should have been named Sophia
White/Brunette: Usually popular with a popular boyfriend. She is really loud and makes her opinions obvious. She loves to joke around and always is cracking up with the rest of the crowd.
Tan/Straight hair: A real bitch who loves insulting others then befriending her and bitching to her friends. Ruins peoples relationships and loves to betray others. Drama queen
Tan/Curly: A super sweet girl with a bubbly personality. She is opinionated but never rude about it. She often seems like shes high but she is not insane. Makes a perfect best friend.
Guy: Hey, what is Sofia like?
Girl: It depends what does she look like?
by G-E-N-I-U-S December 25, 2012
She is an awesome girl from Peshawar where there are many cows.
She has long claws which you wanna stay away from and is in to middle eastern studies because she has claws.
Mrs Dennis to be.
Dude: OMG DUDE, It's her!
DUDE: OMG Dude, It's Sofia!
by Al-Suwaidi December 30, 2011
Tall, Sexy, Brunette, Low Temper, Doesn't Put Up With ANYONES Bullshit, Flirts Alot, But Always Falls In Love With The Wrong People, Amazing Kisser&Amazing In Bed. Big Butt&Big Boobs. Sports Freak&Is Shy Around Some People. Not Very Talkitive. Isin't The Best Person To Trust But You Won't Forget Her. Very Sudicive&Men Fall In Love With Her Fast. Isin't Fake, May Look Like It , But Isin't. She'll Always Dog You. You'll Say Shes Perfect When Shes Really Not. Not Loyal Nor Always Trustworthy.
A Name Thats Sofia
by Sof1234 March 10, 2012