beautiful colombian girl with sexy curves but doesn't see it and thinks the opposite, great personality and really funny, shes mad cool to chill with sweetest girl alive but get on her bad side and she will be a bitch to you. falls in love with the wrong guys knowing she can do much better. she's very smart and has had a lot of good things happen in life but also a lot of bad things, shes still with her head up high. when shes with someone, shes with that person only and is faithful and trust worthy and not a flirt
GUY 1: yeo did you see sofia today?
GUY 2: yea she looks AMAZING!
GUY 1: i would tap that all day and night, shes so beautiful!
GUY 2: i know right, i wish she could take a look at me!!
by colombianitax3 February 12, 2011
Blonde hair, green-ish eyes, total sex on legs. Complete babe. Possible connection to the mafia. Usually extremely capable of avoiding arrest linked to gang-related violence.
"Daaaammmn what happened to your face??"
"I ran into Sofia in a dark alley."
"Dude she will totally scissor-kick you in the back of the head if you dont watch out."
"Too bad my eyes are so swollen cuz' that girl was fine on toast!"
"Fine on toast??"
"Like butta.."
by mafiaaaa July 28, 2007
A stunning girl. She thinks she is the opposite. She has been with many guys and even her friends think shes taking it too fast, but she says "what the hell." She is one of the smartest girls u will ever meet and people take advantage of her for tht, she doesnt care though. Usually comes from mixed backgrounds and is proud of that. Is completely crazy and outgoing but can be shy at times. She is a counselor, and will give u advice on absolutely anything, even if she doesnt know wat it is
Guy: Damn it why is sofia with so many guys?
Girl: she is, but she doesnt care what u thnk anyways
Guy: oh, i have a problem at home, let me go talk to her
Guy: ask her the answer to #2 for the math too!
by plaidbyplaid April 04, 2012
Sofia is not one to be messed with. She is very intelligent and social, and will make your life crazy and epic when you meet her. (in a good way.) She can be annoying at times, but is mostly very likeable and trustworthy. Sofia will also make you laugh hysterically until your sides hurt with her jokes and stories.
Emily: She seems like a total Sofia.
by Natasha Mawshmallohquoen July 02, 2012
A smart, cute, funny , beautiful girl, who will succeed in everything she does. Sofia deserves the absolute best as she is the best herself. A Sofia has impeccable tastes in music, games, humour, everything. A Sofia is usually most compatible with a Joshua

Example :
Girl : Sofia and Joshua are dating now!
Sofia (Joshua)
by inlovewithu February 04, 2012

A smart, beautiful, slightly insecure girl. She's very creative and social. Trust her with your secrets and she'll never tell a single soul. A little awkward with guys, but tries not to be. She loves school,learning, and is always a teacher's pet, but she loves being it. If your friends with her, stay with her, because she truly loves being your friend.
Teacher Sofia is such a great student!
by crafter4life March 06, 2014
she is amazingly beautiful with brown hair and big blue eyes(which sometimes turn green). She is tall, tan, and slim with italian orgin. Her beauty is unusual which most people find attractive. She has many friends but is more of a listener than a speaker. People can tell her their secrets and she wont tell a soul. Most people think she is quite and reserved but around her best friend in the world she is the craziest person you will ever meet. She has a lot of willpower but is slightly insecure and HATES having all attention on her( unless she looks amazing.) Yep, thats about it!
Sofia around strangers:.......
Sofia around friends: haha ok i wont tell
Sofia around best friend: XD hjhjkhjhjhjhjshdfjsd lmao!!!!
by drama child April 09, 2012
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