The law states that; If anything can possibly go wrong, it will.
It's sods law that the car would break down on today of all days.

See Murphy’s Law
by Ben Davis September 30, 2003
Top Definition
The theory that if it can go wrong, it will.
Man 1: Come on we'll miss the train
Man 2: Nah, we're early
Man 1: Sods law we'll miss it, so move it!
by Gatefold May 06, 2007
Also known as The Law of Sod, this term refers to the global phenomenon of how something will go wrong just exactly when one most wants it to go right.
One example of Sod's Law: After weeks of flat seas, the surf turns perfect the day you drop (and break) your surfboard while moving it out of storage.
by Unanimous June 15, 2006
British/Australian version of Murphys Law. Has been made infamouser by a recent British Gas Advert. Basically, if anything can go wrong, it will, and bad luck reigns the day AFTER the charm is lifted.
****ing sod's law! My toaster blew up the day after my warranty ran out!
by Sceptre December 05, 2004
The most incredulous of odds in the most annoying of circumstances
'We'll starve to death' squealed Jenni surveying the vast wilderness around her

'No probs' said Dan suavely, 'I just found these cans of beans behind this tree'

'Phew' excalmed Jenni with relief 'Did we pack a can opener??'


oh bugger.
by CS June 25, 2003
1. Thinking something could not possibly go wrong and then it does
Man 1 : Titanic could never possibly sink
Man 2 : You think?

5 mins later

People : The Titanic is sinking!
Man 1 : Sod's Law
by Guru Stylings, Ricardo & Pablo December 05, 2010
((U+C+I) x (10-S))/20 x A x 1/(1-sin(F/10))

U = Urgency
C = Complexitty
I = Importance
S = Skill
A = Aggrevation (set at 0.7)
F = Frequency

Eachbetween 0 and 9 - this gives you an answer betwene 0 and 8.6 - the higher, the mor elikely bad luck is!

Hope this helps!
sods law for u :)
their is none.. to be honest...
by Butler February 05, 2005
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