What Bush and his crew have done to the truth, old people, poor people, America and America's credibility abroad.
WMD, prescription drug plan, Iraq, tax cuts for the wealthy, Florida in 2000, dodging the draft, cocaine, the budget deficit, drinking and driving and it goes on and on and on.......
by Effe April 15, 2005
When you shaft 'em in the ass.
"I'm about to give you mad sodomy, bro."
by Macdildo November 20, 2006
anus sex, anal sex, pooper sex
leonardo da vinci was charged w.sodomy
by Maybelline September 09, 2005
buttsex. Or, in teh leet world, buttsecks
I believe strongly in sodomy.
by Rebecca teh 1337 mastah January 06, 2006
a more formal way to say anal.
by andyp15 June 07, 2007
The term sodomy comes from the biblical city of Sodom, which, in the bible, was destroyed by God for its sins. In the 1950s, almost all the states in the US had laws banning sodomy, but a 2003 ruling by the Supreme Court found sodomy laws unconstitutional, and repealed the laws in the 10 states that still had them.
Sodomy--A word with religious origins used to describe sexual acts, specifically same-sex anal sex.
by lalala330 July 10, 2008
When peter decides to take the dirt road home.
My ex girlfriend wouldn't have vag sex with em so i had to sodomize her...sodomy
by Jonas McClure April 26, 2008

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