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A woman so loose that during intercourse her vagina appears to turn inside-out on the backstroke.
Was Michelle a good lay?
Yeah, but I'm not touching her again. She has sock pussy.
by R. Deebs November 15, 2007
12 16

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Masturbation sock. Guy slides sock over his cock and strokes into the sock. Easy clean-up. Sock-pussy is also used as humiliation when a girl instructs a guy to go get a sock-pussy, because he's not getting real pussy.
Nicole told the idiot to go get a sock-pussy and stroke off, because there was no way he was going to be getting any real pussy.
by February 22, 2009
84 20
An item that is used in jail or prison. Take an ordinary sock, insert a plastic baggy into the sock, fill the baggy with vaseline, then use it to whack the shit out of your pud. When thru, discard the whole thing. Told to me by an ex-jailbird.
Guy 1. "When was the last time you had some good sockpussy?
Guy 2. "Last night!!"
by adcadc April 22, 2008
16 6