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When one (usually men) become aroused by the site of women's ( or mens...eww) socks or sock covered feet.
I grew hard when I saw Brooke changing her socks. Hopefully she doesn't see this hardon...damn this sock fetish.
by 1337 pwns k? May 21, 2006
135 60
a desire for the smell of female socks
gemma removed her socks, they smelled amazing when she rubbed them in my nose
by gemma's foot slave March 05, 2005
55 32
a sock fetish is a fetish where you get off on girls socks(color,the smell) as most people would have a foot fetish

dude 1: you have a weird fetish you know

dude 2: i know i hate having a sock fetish

stocking sock foot
by the dude with hair March 12, 2009
40 25