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Someone who is trying to appear as something they're not. Named after the practice of stuffing a pair of socks into the underwear to create the effect of a larger bulge.
"Don't listen to him, he's a total sock cock."
by Em2007 March 28, 2007
A way to make fun of your friend after you find out he is not circumsized.
DUDE! shut your sock cock mouth!

haha when are you gonna show us your sock cock?

lol lets go write sock cock on the back window of that guys car.
by briandorc June 26, 2010
someone who uses a sock as a condom
she got pregnet becasue i wore a sock cock
by miguel cannuli August 23, 2005
ones cock with in a sock to masturbate...
some guy-"dood use a tissue!!!"

other dood-"hell no t3h s0ck > j00!"
by Anthony Askew October 16, 2004