n. an abbreviation of the word "socialist" which refers to the general socialist population; any of the following: deomcrat, liberal, progressive or socialist.
Holy shit! Look at the hair on that socie!
by Kempion May 13, 2005
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As used by suburban St. Louis, MO area junior and high school kids of the late 70s and early 80s, a socie is one of the posh kids with trendy, adult-approved clothing, good grades and a fondness for weak pop culture. A socie is the opposite of a freak, who wears torn Levis, boots, Busch beer t-shirts under ragged flannel shirts, loves classic rock and smokes as much dope as possible.
Aw, Jesus! It gets worse every day. He used to be cool. Now he's got a pink Izod on. What a fucking socie.
by hotdogdaddy June 29, 2011
1. someone who socializes for pride, personal gain, and/or acceptance
your girlfriend's a socie.
by jog December 11, 2003

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