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n. an abbreviation of the word "socialist" which refers to the general socialist population; any of the following: deomcrat, liberal, progressive or socialist.
Holy shit! Look at the hair on that socie!
by Kempion May 13, 2005
As used by suburban St. Louis, MO area junior and high school kids of the late 70s and early 80s, a socie is one of the posh kids with trendy, adult-approved clothing, good grades and a fondness for weak pop culture. A socie is the opposite of a freak, who wears torn Levis, boots, Busch beer t-shirts under ragged flannel shirts, loves classic rock and smokes as much dope as possible.
Aw, Jesus! It gets worse every day. He used to be cool. Now he's got a pink Izod on. What a fucking socie.
by hotdogdaddy June 29, 2011
1. someone who socializes for pride, personal gain, and/or acceptance
your girlfriend's a socie.
by jog December 11, 2003