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treatment of social disease
"Effective treatment of such behavioral syndromes as alcoholism and domestic violence is best approached from a standpoint of sociatry as opposed to psychiatry or adjudication."
by Michael Patrick King December 30, 2007
the treatment of social disease

as psychiatry is healing of the mind (actually, 'psyche' means 'soul'), pediatrics is the branch of medical practice devoted to children, and geriatrics that devoted to the aged, so SOCIATRY is the healing of society
Man, that burka nonsense in Afghanistan is ripe! What those ragheads need is a solid dose of sociatry!


War is a disease, not a cure. We need to take this world to a sociatrist!
by Michael Patrick King December 05, 2007
treatment of social disease
this school is ripe for sociatry--a veritable tableau of boobs and buttcracks!

any country that would elect a doofus like obama needs to see a sociatrist!
by Ouch Pot8o January 18, 2010
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