Direct ownership of all good by the elite few.
I remember when there was prosperity with Capitalism but now I get taxed at %90 and have to ask the Goverment if it's ok to wipe my ass.
by Anonymous October 24, 2002
It's essentialy watered down Communism (but only a tiny bit), however Communist/Socialist advocates would have you believe otherwise.

The basic idea behind Socialism is zero respect for people. Socialists don't care for people and that's why the political system that they advocate doesn't either.

That means no liberty for you!
Q: Why are those people are always treating people like shit?
A: Because they are Socialists!

Take the 'social' out of Socialism, it's really ANTI-SOCIAL
by Bobby Baker December 10, 2007
Something that doesn't work on paper either. See Mises _Socialism_ and Hayek's _Road to Serfdom_.
Socialism is proven irrational and destructive on paper and in reality, so it must be a good idea!
by Von Mises Ghost August 12, 2003
exploting the masses in the name of the masses in order to gain wealth and power.
Newly 'reformed' People's Republic of China.
by jeff rasmussen November 16, 2003
I liberal's utopian world
socialism will never work
by tim July 22, 2003
A political philosophy which asserts that the needs of society outweigh the rights of the individual.

The individual in such a society is at the mercy of the ruling elite since it is they who determine the needs of the society. Regardless of how the ruling elite come to power the end result is always the same - a Nanny State or a Police State. In the Nanny State the individual is treated like a child who is incapable of making decisions for himself. In a Police State the individual is treated like a criminal for thinking for himself. So whether the state is protecting you from yourself or protecting itself from you really doesn't matter. The end result is that there is no one protecting you from the state.
Some states which practiced socialism:
United Kingdom - Nanny State
Nazi Germany - Police State (Yes Nazis were socialists)
Soviet Union - Police State (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)
Huge Chavez, Venezuala - Police State (only Hugo knows what's good for you)
by Todd Douglas Parsons October 29, 2008
Economic philosophy of the German Nazi Party.
You believe in socialism? What are you? A fucking NAZI!?!?!
by Nickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk August 26, 2006

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