A govenment or economic system that is often favored by lazy hippies. This is a system that is loved by people who dont want to work for what they have and want the government to control all of our lives, but at least we will have free health care.
At the earth day rally the lazy hippies played their bongos and talked about how great socialism is, but they were so high and lazy they never took any action.
by the_big_o May 24, 2005
1. A system that is pure and all that is good, but fails to encompass the inherent flaw in mankind - namely the neocon genome.
by situationist September 02, 2003
A political and ecomonic ideology that moves away from the foolish concept of wealth. It has numerous forms, all left wing.
If you oppose socialism, you are for antisocialism, which makes you antisocial. Take that, greedy capitalists.
by Eddy December 23, 2003
A type of Government that rather than redistributing wealth, redistributes poverty through confiscatory, and often unfair taxes, affecting in particular the middle classes who, earn too much to claim benefits but who do not earn enough to pay their taxes and yet enjoy a sufficently rewarding standard of living relative to how hard they work.
By paying five hundred pounds in Tax and a further one hundred and ninety in national insurance Mr Smith was subsidising two households where the occupants were second and third generations of people who had never worked and claimed benefits.
This is due to the cause of socialism, and it's Marxist roots. People who have had an overprivelidged childhood and feel guilty about it or those who feel like the world owes them a living generally vote in this way, for a socialist party.

ii. The Livingstonian bus (expensive and pointless)

iii. A purchase made to benefit the few.

iv. The idea that the state and not individuals are responsible for their actions.
by Andrew Kirk August 27, 2008
Direct collective onwership of all productive assets by everyone, resulting in moneyless free-access to whatever people need.
After capitalism has gone, old former capitalist political farts will be heard saying "I remember when people were employed and exploited for profits till they dropped, in order to eat and have a roof over their head. Now they only work about 10 hours a week without bosses, get everything they want without paying, and no tell can them what to do. Terrible! It's terrible! I'm John Major, and I used to be charge, you know"
by so-shee-list September 22, 2002
A system in which human right is Sacrificed for he "good" of the collective.

in reality it doesnt even help the collective.
socilist: "you produce wealth...we will kill you and Distribute your money amongst the masses...Where'd the wealth go?"

socialism and communism are for the most part the same thing.
by Young calgar November 21, 2006
1. A form of Government that goes forth in the name of the people, but is truly an oligarchy. Meaning the few control the many, and the many are slaves to the state who happen to be the few

2. Believes in collective ownership, democratic control of the material means of production by the workers and the people.

3. No respect for the individual or the private sectors rights. Often associated with entitlement programs, and having everything under government control. Wishes for there to be no existence of private capital or wealth, and thus everything is owned by the state.

4. Teach's the end results justify the means, even at the cost of human life. Of coarse this is never said but is always seen.

5. A sick belief that on the surface appears friendly, but in the end has caused millions of people their lives, and then morphs into a communist or totalitarian state.

6. Mob rule, where the majority always out weighs the rights of the individual, and thus leaves no room for debate. The opposing views are not considered, and the individual is crushed.
History shows socialism to be filled with terrible acts by men like Hitler, Chairmen Mao, Mussolini, and Lenin.

The falling political realms of England

President Obama, and his companions views and desired policies to be implemented.
by goobergeorge February 03, 2010

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