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first off lets get this straight, socialism is NOT facism, or communism. anyone who says that is just ignorant. Nazis were facists and pretended to be socialists in order to get more support, same with the Soviets and communism. thats the only connection they have. dont critisize something you know nothing about.

now the real definition: socialism supports economic controls but allows for some accumulation of wealth. social restrictions are signifigantly weaker, hence the name socialism.
facism is completely the opposite, with lax economic controls, and strict social rules including that all residents must be completely loyal to the ruling party, and must never speak out.
Nazis were facists, no free speech
Soviets were communist, no free speech
true socialism supports free speech
A word many would do well to look up in an actual FUCKING dictionary.

NOT Communism.

Socialism can be seen in many Western European countries working very well.

It involves being taxed proportionally to how much you earn, a free, or semi-subsidised health service, a minimum wage, decent social security and many many other benefits to society.
Many American's instantly rubbish socialism becuase during the cold war their government and education system brainwashed them into believing that Socialism=Communism.

These same Americans now find themselves unable to pay for medical treatment and having to work 3 jobs in order to stay above the poverty line.

Remember kids, Socialsm DOES NOT EQUAL Communism.
by Mad FUCKING Wullie June 04, 2004
The political system that centers on the needs of the society as a whole. Sometimes used as an alternative name for communism or as a derogatory term for opponents of capitalism. In fact it is a very wide term that can accomodate quite diverse ideologies.
Socialism and democracy are not mutually exclusive.
by The eternal grunt May 27, 2004
A political ideology which has been applied at many different levels and with many different results. It has evolved over time and has influenced many other ideologies (such as National Socialism, Communism and moderate Liberal Capitalism, Anarchists also ocassionaly refer to themselves as liberal socialists).

Modern socialist ideas are normally based on re-distribution of wealth by means of a progressive taxation system. For example providing a minimum wage for workers and health benfits in times of sickness.

Although socialism has traditionally been associated with public ownership, many Socialist governments (such as the British Labour Party under Tony Blair) now favour a system of "democratic capitalism" where the government and the market co-operate to provide basic services and living standards to the citizens of a country. See also The Third Way.

Socialism is also associated with unionisation, stemming from a belief that workers should not be exploited by artificialy created market conditions. However the intensity of this belief does seem to vary widley across different groups of socialists.
Arthur Scargill's style of socialism is only one of many interpretations, and differs from Tony Blair's style of socialism.
by Flame August 29, 2003
For all you stupid dumb fucks out there who wrote definitions for communism, socialism is a cross between communism and capitalism. It actually works, most people dont realize that Germany is technically socilist and it is one of the top five richest countries in the world.
Contrary to common belief, socialism only has four fuckin syllables.
by laconic August 05, 2003
A type of government where everyone is given the basic living essentials for free, the way it should be. THat way you dont have to worry about health care and can focus on other things in life. with socialism, you're not fucked if you get into a car accident as far as finance goes
Socialism Does work, take a look at western europe. ENGLAND and Norway kick ass becuase you dont have to be scared of dying becuase your not rich enough/
by SCotron April 07, 2004
1) An economic system where the means of production (large machinery, equipment and land) are organized to directly produce goods and services for use as opposed to being owned and operated for private profit. It entails some form of public, cooperative or collective ownership in the either autonomous cooperatives or a network of public entities or a centralized state.

There are many models of socialism that vary in three ways: the coordinating mechanism for making economic decisions (economic planning or market socialism); the type of ownership; and how firms are managed (self-management, democratic management, etc).

The fundamental difference between socialism and capitalism is the elimination of private property in socialized production under socialism (i.e; in highly collective and mechanized industries) so no idle class can live off profits, rent and interest. Instead of going to a class of capitalists, the profit might go to all the workers in a firm (in cooperative types of socialism) or to the public at large (in public/state ownership types of socialism) - potentially eliminating the need for taxation as a source of public revenue.

2) Political movements that advocate a socialist economic system; but sometimes it is used to refer to the policies of self-described Communist or Social democratic parties regardless of whether or not these policies have anything to do with socialism as a different economic system than capitalism.
"I am a socialist; I think capitalism is unjust and becoming inefficient for providing for society as a whole."

"Soo... you think we should tax the rich to pay for social programs and regulate businesses to make them work for 'society'?"

"That is not socialism... socialism means changing the ownership of enterprises. In fact, socialism would mean we don't need to rely so much on taxes because the profits made by enterprises could be used to replace the role of taxes in financing public services. And regulation is just an attempt to correct market failures in capitalism, socialism would not require inefficient regulation because we would directly own and run enterprises."
by Fighting Falcon May 13, 2012