The liberals' dream, but the liberals never really get what they want. Take the US victory over Saddam's regime.
by Alex April 20, 2003
An ornate tool of individual identity erosion; a device that defies all moral conceptions and standards. In particular, our unique qualities, work ethic and personality are key to stable notions of humanity. With the loss of any of these, our humanity is called into question, leading to the devastating possbiility of everything we know of ourselves.
And the loss of self, courtesy of socialism, allowed for the exploitation of citizens in the inept utopia of 1984.
by Anonymous4982 February 09, 2007
1. An early-19th century fairy-tale that describes a society where government is able to mobilize various proportions of the economy to work as efficiently motivated by the mystical concept entitled the "public good" as they work in the real world motivated by the evolutionary principle of personal gain. In later versions, various merits and reprimands attempt to bridge the gap, but turn out to cost more than they help as they do not address the gap at the government level.
2. A form of feudalism where bureaucracies and/or cartels providing certain services deemed "essential" receive economic favoritism rather than aristocrats or clergy, reinforced by the faith that they are "irreplaceable”.
3. A form of collectivism where government decides what is to be collectively produced/ distributed. Can occur in liberal democracy, in which case the ineffectiveness of motivation leads to shortages, and the takeover of too many markets can produce complete economic collapse, which is occurring in most of the Western world. Can occur in brutal totalitarianism, in which the shortages are temporarily offset by finding a scapegoat demographic stigmatized as not carrying its weight and forced into slave labor to produce but not consume. Examples are Eugenic Socialism in which scapegoats are chosen based on ethnicity (i.e. Hitler's Germany) and Class Socialism in which they are accused of Capitalist tendencies for opposition to the system (i.e. Stalin's USSR, Mao's China).
Money isn't worth anything because everyone is paid the same no matter what they do and whether or not they work at all. Nothing is produced so there is nothing to buy. Why work?
Because you have faith in Socialism.
by EngineerofSouls June 29, 2010
Obama's double-standard plan of action to take money from high class whites and give to the lower class, despite the hard work put into earning it. This tactic was also used by communist theoretician Vladimir Lenin (Leader of the Russian Revolution and founder of the Bolsheviks), and also loosely portrayed by German Economist Karl Marx. Generally a term that should be loathed, but is unfortunately visible in America's near future.
Obama's subtle allusions to socialism should raise a red flags in the mind of any smart, aware, worthy American
by right-wing conservative May 14, 2009
1 (n.) Philosophy which states that noble humantarian idealism justifies theft.

2 (n.) Philosophy which refuses to acknowledge the law of supply and demand.
I am a worthless peice of shit who knows nothing about how the economy works. Socialism sounds like a good idea to me.
by CapitolisPig July 03, 2005
I don't care what any pinko says, this is definitely not the best way to run a government. All it does is insult human beings who actually work hard and it doesn't recognize our accomplishments or abilities.
The only reason why feminists, pinkos, and idealists like this idea is because it tries to make everyone equal by giving them all equal paychecks no matter how hard they work, and it forces the rich to pay for everything.
Here is why socialism will never work.
1. It forces the rich to pay for everything which is just stupid because,no matter how much money the rich have they will never have enough to pay for everything in the country. That is why almost all socialist countries have crappy health care and poorly built houses. Because the rich can pay for all of the medicine or all of the materials needed for the housing of everyone in a country. Plus when the rich go broke they can't pay for anything else.
2. It gives everyone equal pay, no matter how long or how hard a person works. This basically means that a doctor gets paid the same as a mcdonald's frycook. And a person who works for 9 hours will get paid the same as a person who works for 3 hours. Plus people aren't robots, they aren't going to work they're hardest for nothing. So basically if everyone got paid 15 dollars a day, no matter how hard they work, there's going to be alot of people who aren't going to work their hardest and as a result nothing is produced causing the entire nation to fall into poverty.

So now you see why socialism is bad. The only exception is China, and they're only rich because they force everyone to work and because we build all of our factories over there and buy all of our stuff from over there.
by Nathan575 August 11, 2008
May work with a strong willed ruler and many fearful citizens.
"Will someday crush the greedy, fuckhead democrats of George W. Land" -Dominic J.
by Rick December 08, 2003
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