noun -

An amalgamation of political ideologies used to describe Liberal politics and Democrats in America. Regardless of the assorted ideologies mixed not having anything to do with one another and more pointedly being in direct conflict with one another. This single word is used to help with the confusion of not really understanding the true meaning of the ideologies one uses as an insult. This term is useful in that, while using the individual ideologies without really knowing what they mean can make one appear to be an undereducated and ignorant fool spouting off hateful terms to instigate more hatred, using such a large word with so many syllables can instantly raise ones intelligence ten fold. However, this math can get fuzzy as 0x10 = 0
Gavin: I'm really excited that our government wants to support it's people with something useful like health care reform

Bubba: WHAT? Are you some kind of believer of socialcommufascimuslimism. Jesus Christ will smite you!
by prim3y April 01, 2010

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