Someone who acts weird or strange only when they are in public or around more than 2-4 people.
Dan is such a social retard.
by catalyst13 aka gretchen11 December 02, 2014
a loser, geek, nerd, or a dork that was mistakenly invited to an "all cool people party"...
"why did you invite her? she's a social retard!!!"
by szcarlette August 26, 2006
Andy Phin
Andrew says:
you guys ignored me the whole night
by raTed June 01, 2004
The Social Retards are a clan set up in the time before time, a clan which not only live to kill, but kill for fun.

You can read more about them at
Spoony is such a social retard.
Aye, whereas Mr Camel is just a retard.
by Gazza August 16, 2004

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