Afraid of people, beeing verry self-consciousness always feeling there's something wrong with you and that you're are watched by somebody all the time and you always fear that your peers will judge your actions. Living with social anxiety disorder sucks terribly!!! You want to do something but you can't.. you know that your fear is irational but you can't do nothing about it, something like a mental cage. SOCIAL ANXIETY SUCKS AND I HAVE THE WORST TYPE OF SOCIAL ANXIETY DISORDER! The one were you're afraid to go outside, talk to friends, strangers, talking on the phone and even chating with people online! How fucked up is that!?!?! ;( . And were not some crazy psychos! We're just normal people that want to do what normal people do, but we have a stupid mental disorder that makes us feel a completly irational fear that won't go away!.Most of the time we only remember the negative remarks that people said about us and usualy those toughts remain in our minds for weeks. We're not emos or goths!!! they don't have damn clue how it is to live with this shit. Social anxiety is like a fear and pain that won't go away!!NEVER!! And most people don't understand us! If you're a person that doesn't have Social Anxiety disorder, you're probably saying somethin like: ahahahaha what a sad fuck!! It's not like that!! We never wanted to have this stupid disorder. We feel lonely, isolated and barren inside :(
Gabriel only wanted to be like everyone else:
-to play sports such as football/basketball or any sport with a bunch of kids his age;
-to be just like everyone else and don't stand out in a crowd;
-to go to parties and have a good time with friends and meet new people;
-to graduate highschool;
Alas, he will never achive this things since he suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder and has isolated himself from his friends and the world for years ;(
by Gabriel. May 10, 2006
Top Definition
Characterized by extreme self-consciousness. A condition in which the subject may be consistently nervous, fearing judgement and over-rationalizing, taking things apart to much, often worrying about what others may think of them, not to mention feeling like they are always being looked at.
I think that wierd guy who comes in here now and then, the one who always seems kind of nervous and doesn't make eye contact, has social anxiety. Sucks.

All socially anxious people should unite and start a community together. Approach your fellow nervous wreck. Also, socially anxious people should all date each other, because it's near impossible to get along with others. Fuck everyone else, there's nothing wrong with us.
by Chuck October 05, 2003
horrible condition where a overwhelmingly fear occurs in social settings. Self consciousness and fear arise when situations like speaking in public and being the center of attention is present. The person automatically thinks that everyone is looking, judging, or humilating him or her. People with are a little weird but NOT FREAKS; Im a cool dude.

The horrible thing is that this condition is known by few, the cause is unknown, and sever symptoms such as a increasing heart rate, muscle twitches, sweating, and feeling warm.

People who dont know it will never understand it, and unfortunately I am one of the 13% of the population that have it and what makes it even more fucked up is that Im in school where it really fucks me up. Its fuckin sad and nothin to laugh or fuck around wit. People with this are loners too. On a good note, I dont have it severly where people stay in their home for years but people will never understand it.
teacher: Today we'll have an oral presentation, each 40 minutes

me: FUCK!
by TruRapFan January 27, 2005
BEing afraid of people. Only people with social anxiety have felt true pain and goth whores should stfu about there lives since its painless compared to social anxiety. ITs pain that wont go away.
My life suffocates from social anxiety.
by Iliveinfear November 26, 2003
A shitty emotional disorder that ruined my life.
I have had social anxiety since i was a kid. I was the class clown type in school but hated oral presentations which eventually caused me to drop out all together. I was on every party drug known to man to hide from my anxiety which led to an outrageous social life. I quit drugs at 20, went to uni and majored in math so i wouldn't have to give speeches. Now 23 with Bachelor of Mathematics, still a nervous idiot and about to give up.

Suicide is all that is left, keep your chin up socially anxious peeps.

by Craig Smit June 07, 2006
An anxiety disorder characterized by extreme self-consciousness in normal social situations, including the fear that one is being judged or observed by all those around them. Social anxiety causes people to fear being humiliated or embarrassed much more than is normal. People with social anxiety disorder know that their fear is irrational and yet still avoid any situation in which they may be evaluated or judged.

Social phobics, like those with Avoidant Personality Disorder, may develop defences against their fears, such as denying that they fear social situations or defending themselves through insensetivity.
Holy crap, a factual entry into Urban Dictionary?!

A person with social anxiety may avoid public speaking.
by Lord of the Pies March 25, 2006
When people fear social situations with strangers, People without it, don't understand it. Were not freaks or weirdos we're normal. I know i shouldn't be afraid of nothing but i am.
Social anxiety is when...You walk into a party, and you never make eye contact with anyone, you sit around by yourself and sweat non stop, then you sneak out the back door and go home.
by Dantheman31510 December 07, 2008
Social anxiety is a psychiatric disorder that affects 13% of the population. It involves overwhelming anxiety and excessive self-consciousness in everyday social situations. People living with this condition have a persistent fear of being watched and criticized by others. They feel that others are constantly waiting for them to mess up, thus humiliating themselves by their own actions. It may interfere with their work, school, social life, and other activities. Social anxiety differs from shyness in that people with this disorder often avoid some social situations all-together. Physical symptoms of social anxiety include blushing, rapid heartbeat, sweating, trembling, muscle tension, shaky voice, and nausea.
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A Day In The Life of a Person with Social Anxiety

Little Ed's teacher just informed his class they would have oral presentations due that Friday. This was on a Monday morning.The rest of the day Ed was shaking and cold, worring about Friday and having to give an oral speech to his classmates. All week he had been dreading this day, Friday. Friday had finally come and as Ed watched the others before him give their speeches, he was trembling and had muscle tension and nausea.When his turn came, his face turned bright red as he took center stage. All eyes were on him as he proceeded with his speech. All through the speech, his voice was shaky. Afterwards, everyone clapped and the teacher gave him praise. But, Little Ed couldn't stop worrying aout what everyone had thought of him when he had given his speech.
by xashleyx April 14, 2006
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