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a person who socializes every fucking waking moment in order to raise his/her popularity
dude, anna is such a social slut.

well.... yeah.
by A Thousand June 21, 2003
A person who will be a part of any social group or clique because they have a large variety of interests. While the person will be a part of any social group of clique, they will never commit themselves to just one group of people.
I just realized that Michelle is a social slut. She is a cheerleader, chess club nerd, and meets random guys on craigslist to learn how to dance the tango.
#social butterfly #social prostitute #clique #whore #prostitute
by h2one November 22, 2010
The want to be accepted in society and thus would do anything to including being FAKE.
"Tom is such a SocialSlut. He pretends to be Atheist just because he thinks its cool. He doesn't even know what Atheism means."
#fake #acceptance #cool #want to be cool #faking
by Ritesh J April 04, 2008
Social Slut; A noun/adj.
someone who flirts with guys via email, texting, facebook, twitter, myyearbook, etc. non stop. Someone who has a thing or dates guys from all over the place and never sees them. Also known as the Well Known Internet Whore.
Basically: Someone who hides behind a screen and sleazes around with multiple guys at once.
Abby: Omg! Did you see what Kaylani wrote on Kobe's wall?
Annie: Dude! Yeah, she posted on Phillips wall too!
Abby: Gosh, she's such a social slut.

Marie: Did you see what Isabella texted Kobe last night?
Hilary: Yeah! She was texting Griffon the same exact things though last night!
Marie: Wow there's not even a name for her.
Hilary: Yeah, actually there is. Social Slut.
#whore #internet #facebook #texting #guys #girls
by DearestD November 08, 2011
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